A cimeira de tecnologia e empreendedorismo Web Summit está de regresso, durante quatro dias, de 5 a 8 de Novembro, Lisboa tornar-se a capital das Startups. São esperados mais de 70 mil participantes e mais de 1200 oradores.


Sugestões de sessões imperdíveis:

Primeiro dia – Segunda – 5 de Novembro
Nurturing a digital future that is safe and beneficial for all – 19h35 Centre Stage
António Guterres – Secretary General, United Nations Secretary-General
António Guterres shares his thoughts on harnessing the promise of new technologies while safeguarding against their perils
Portugal and the world

António Costa – Prime-Minister of Portugal

The Prime Minister of Portugal delivers his opening address

Segundo dia – Terça – 6 de Novembro
Decision making in fast paced environments – 11h55, Centre Stage
Stephen Kaufer – CEO, TripAdvisor
Nico Rosberg – 2016 World Champion, Formula 1
Karen Tso – Anchor, Squawk Box, CNBC
The ability to make the correct decisions quickly can have a major bearing on achievement. Whether on the track or in the boardroom, we all face choices that can determine success in the blink of an eye.

Your privacy is compromised, what are you going to do about it? – 14:00, Centre Stage
Christopher Wylie – Whistleblower
Krishnan Guru Murthy – Presenter, Channel 4
The world’s most famous whistleblower speaks to us about the biggest threats to our personal data.

The marketing insider’s tips for 2019 – 14h40, Centre Stage
Michelle Peluso – SVP and CMO, IBM
Gail Heimann – President, Weber Shandwick
Rosemarie Ryan – Co-CEO , Co:Collective
Alex Heath – Senior Reporter, Cheddar
Discover what marketing trends will come to the fore and the platforms due to rise and fall in the coming year.

A better world with AI – 16h30, Centre Stage
Young Sohn – President & Chief strategy officer, Samsung Electronics
The President of Samsung outlines how AI is helping one of the world’s biggest hardware manufacturers to stay ahead of the game.

Terceiro dia – Quarta – 7 de Novembro
Analyze this: The state of the tech industry – 11h10, Centre Stage
Sean Rad – Founder, Tinder
Dick Costolo – CEO, 01 Advisors

JP Mangalindan – Chief Tech Correspondent , Yahoo Finance
What happens next in the tech world? Hear from those who’ve headed some of the biggest platforms on the planet. Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and Tinder founder Sean Rad discuss the successes and failures of today’s tech industry.

Building a fairer digital economy – 11h55, Centre Stage
Margrethe Vestager – European Commissioner for Competition, European Commission
How do we get the best out of technology?

How long until robots rule the world? – 14h00, Centre Stage
Ben Goertzel – Chief Scientist, Hanson Robotics / Founder & CEO, SingularityNET

Sophia The Robot – Robot, Hanson Robotics

Han The Robot – Robot, SingularityNET
Robot intelligence becomes more impressive with each passing year, but when will AI surpass humans?

How technology is extending realities boundaries – 14h15, Centre Stage
Yves Bernaert – Senior Managing Director, Accenture

Marco Tempest – Creative technologist, Accenture and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
The world will never change at a slower pace than today. What seemed impossible, is now possible through the magic of technology

Digital peace in the age of cyber threats – 16h30, Centre Stage
Brad Smith – President, Microsoft Corporation
The Microsoft President outlines how cyber diplomacy may not only save the internet but the world.

Quarto dia – Quinta – 8 de Novembro
The business of being creative – 14h40, Centre Stage
Christopher Leacock – Music Producer, Major Lazer
Shahrzad Rafati – Founder, Broadband TV
Sam Yam- Co-founder & President, Patreon
Ben Beaumont-Thomas – Music Editor, The Guardian
The creative industries are considered immune to the rise of automation. In reality, how long can they hold out against a growing AI tide?

PITCH winner revealed – 16h30, Centre Stage
The winner of PITCH 2018, the world’s greatest startup pitching competition is revealed on Centre Stage.
Closing remarks – 17h00, Centre Stage
Paddy Cosgrave – CEO, Web Summit
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa – President, Portugal
The closing remarks of Web Summit 2018

São apenas algumas sujestões entre dezenas de sessões nesta grande conferencia.